This is it! It is now time for you to complete your new Youth Program Registration!

There are a few important questions for you to answer to help us know how to best assist you in your transition, so make sure you take your time and are prepared with your answers.

We know that you are just as excited as us to come on this journey, so we will endeavour to reach out to you in regard to the progress of your application within 2 weeks – please be patient, we are all volunteers too.

The beginning of your journey to transition onto the New Youth Program is only one application away! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Before you start your Registration you will need to be able to answer the following questions:

Provide the number of youth members in each Section within your Group and the number of Adult Leaders and Helpers.

The Group Council, Group Committee and the Mob, Pack, Troop, Unit and Crew Councils (as applicable) have been made aware of the responses that will be provided within this application, prior to submission.

Confirm that the Group Committee has been consulted and is supportive about transitioning to the New Youth Program, prior to the submission of the application.

Confirm that each Section has been consulted and is supportive about transitioning to the New Youth Program, prior to the submission of the application.

Why do you think you are ready to transition to the New Youth Program?

How well did your Group re-embed the components of The Adventure Begins during 2018? You’ll need to provide some reasoning.

How many Section Councils do you have per year in each Section?

How have youth members been leading activities in your Group?

How have the Sections in your Group included the outdoors, personal growth, the community and creative activities in their term programs? You’ll need to provide some examples.

How important is reflection in your Group after the completion of all Section activities (Youth Members and Adult Leaders using the Plan>Do>Review> cycle)?

What do you know – or what have you heard – about the New Youth Program?

Are there any other Groups (a maximum of 3) in your geographical area that you would prefer to implement with? (This is purely a matter of preference, but may be influenced by the answers of further questions. Note: A full application from each of these Groups is required, so please get in contact with them)

You need to state if the Groups listed above have discussed and agreed they would like to transition together.

If you are aware of any circumstances that will affect the most ideal time for your Group to transition to the New Youth Program, please indicate them below. (Please include ideal times for transition or times that will not work for your Group below. This may include, but is not limited to, major programmed events or youth member Section transitions.) Otherwise, it will be assumed that your Group is prepared to transition at any point.

Confirm that your Group (Youth and Leaders) is committed to attending a Transition training weekend upon successful application to implement the New Youth Program.

If you have the answers to all the questions above then it’s time to start your registration.