Implementation Plan

January – April 2018
Pioneer Trainers prepare induction weekend for Groups

February – March 2018
The Adventure Begins materials distributed at Group Leaders Conference

May – December 2018
Pioneer Group Inductions

September 2018
District, Regional and Branch Commissioners Conference
Mentors invited to be part of the transition program

January 2019
Launch of the new Youth Program at AJ2019

February 2019
Training Team inducted to new Youth Program – TBC
Additional Program Teams inducted

March 2019
Group Leaders Conference
Mentor Training Weekend

April 2019 – December 2019
Roll-out commences, 20 weekends, 2 to 3 Groups at a time

February 2020 –September 2020
Roll-out continues

October 2020
Commence final “push” for Groups not yet scheduled for uptake of Program

December 2020
All Groups transitioned.