Readiness Check to Transition

The first step in your journey to transition to the new Youth Program is to use the checklist below to gauge how ready you are to take on the Program.

We want to make sure everyone is as ready as they can be before they transition to ensure Groups have a strong grounding to support the new Youth Program. The checklist also helps you decide when the best time for your Group to transition would be and how you are going to go about this process.

Don’t worry if you can’t tick off everything quite yet – just keep on working through it while also continuing to build your excitement for the new Youth Program! We can’t wait to see you come on this journey with us, so let’s make sure we are as prepared as we can be for the exciting times ahead!

This checklist has been produced to support the Western Australian New Youth Program Implementation Plan. A large portion of this Readiness Checklist is focused around a Group’s engagement with “The Adventure Begins” in each Section and a self-assessment on whether individual Group circumstances will affect their optimum time to transition.

Each of our Sections has competed their “The Adventure Begins” Section Council Checklist with their Section Councils. If this is new to you, please go to

Our Section Councils have discussed whether transitioning at this point in time would be best for them, given their current circumstances.

The Group Council has discussed the capacity of the Group to support the transition and believes that strong and ongoing support can be delivered.

Within the last 12 months, our programs have included activities that involve the outdoors, the community, creativity and personal growth.

We know the Groups in our geographical area that we have a strong relationship or association with and have discussed how we may transition together to establish a strong support system for our journey.

We would be able to make Adult Leaders and youth members available for a weekend to receive upskill training for the New Youth Program.

This checklist is not your registration to transition into the new Youth Program. You must complete a New Youth Program Registration at the Registration page.

Scouts WA would like to thank Scouts NSW for their help in developing this page.